Success With Disability Claims for Neurologists




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Neurologists use the knowledge gained from years of experience to diagnose and treat neurological conditions.
Professionals in the field invest much of their time and money into the work, making it imperative that you protect your income in the case of a disability.
If your benefits were denied, protect your rightful compensation with the help of an attorney.

Success With Disability Claims for Neurologists

Like all physicians and surgeons, neurologists perform very important public health services for our society, treating disorders of the brain and nervous system at large. It is a high risk but high reward profession, particularly for neurosurgeons who can’t afford to make a single mistake. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, neurologists have a $208,000 median salary (or $100 per hour). Usually, the position requires 8 years of specialized education and typically an additional 3-9 years of internships and residencies.

Neurologists invest considerable time, money, and energy into getting to the position they’re currently in. If you’re a neurologist, you likely have to. So if an illness or injury prevents you from doing your job, you won’t want to let all of those hard-earned investments slip away. Furthermore, you won’t want to let your disability investments slip away while you’re out of work. You may have to wait to return to work, but most of your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual expenditures won’t wait. Probably, you’ll have to worry about covering taxes, rent or mortgage payments, loans and other expenses.

The good news is that disability insurance benefit payments can cover most of these expenses. By paying out at least 60% of your pretax income, you’ll be able to take in roughly the equivalent of your take-home pay. Depending on your personal needs, you could opt to either purchase a short-term benefit period or a long-term option – enough to last several years if necessary. You may also want to review the terms carefully to ensure that your plan is “own occupation” prior to committing to it.

If the plan is all occupation, then you won’t be eligible to receive income protection benefits unless you’re unable to work any job. In order to receive benefits, you’ll likely have to submit a detailed claim packet, elaborating on the condition and reasons that you want to claim those disability benefits. Once the claim is approved, you generally have to wait out a pre-benefit elimination period (usually 90 days or so) before you can begin to receive benefit payments.


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Our firm is in the business of serving others, and those who also serve others, including neurologists. After giving so much to others through some of their most vulnerable times of need, you deserve to be given back to during your most vulnerable time of need. We’ve reaffirmed our commitment to serving others by helping thousands of them, working Chicagoans from all walks of life who help keep this beautiful, vibrant community flourishing. And if you or someone you know was a Chicago-area neurologist who was forced out of work, we can help you through any disability insurance disputes.

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