Success With Disability Claims for Nurse-Midwives




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The primary function of a nurse-midwife is to assist with delivering a baby. The majority of both C-sections and vaginal births that occur in the US are performed by certified nurse-midwives.
Since a nurse-midwife is present at a baby’s birth, the midwife must be constantly alert and on her feet for a significant period of time.
The job can be extremely difficult if the nurse-midwife is suffering from a serious injury or illness that prevents her from being able to complete her duties effectively.

Success With Disability Claims for Nurse-Midwives

Nurse-midwives do not simply assist women at the time of childbirth. Rather, they also diagnose and treat various prenatal medical conditions, conduct exams, and in some circumstances, might write out a prescription. Nurse-midwives also counsel and advise expectant mothers. They will work to monitor the health and welfare of both the mother and her child before the birth.

Due to the physical constraints and limitations of working as a nurse-midwife, it is a good idea to have a private disability insurance policy in place if you are doing this work. This is because Social Security disability benefits can sometimes be difficult to obtain. In addition, it can be difficult to prove to the Social Security Administration that you are suffering from a disability, and denials are extremely common.

If you have a policy of private disability insurance in place, this policy can step in to provide some income replacement in the event you suffer from an illness or injury that keeps you from working as a midwife. If your job as a midwife does not automatically supply disability benefits to you, you might be able to apply for these benefits through a private insurer.

Although a private disability insurance policy will not likely pay for all of your salary if you are unable to work as a midwife, it may supply between 40% and 60% of your current earnings. These benefits also typically last for an agreed-upon number of years. If your private insurer denies your disability application, a knowledgeable midwife disability benefits attorney could assist you with appealing that claim denial and pursuing the benefits that you need.


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