Success With Disability Claims for Nurses



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Nursing is a physically intensive profession that involves extended periods on their feet while caring for multiple patients at all hours of the day.
Considering the amount of time a nurse spends doing physical tasks, there are many illnesses or disabilities that can permanently affect his or her ability to work.
If you’re unable to complete your duties as a nurse, an attorney can help you ensure you get the benefits you need.

Success With Disability Claims for Nurses

Bartolic Law has helped countless Nurses get their long-term disability insurance claims approved. In one case, a client suffered from Hepatitis induced Cirrhosis of the liver, and had a second liver transplant. After the procedure, the insurer denied long-term disability contending the client was functionally capable of returning to work. But the client required ongoing treatment with medication to help the client’s body accept the transplant, which was highly immunosuppressive. We were able to persuade the insurer that due to the high risk of contracting illnesses in clinical medicine, and the client’s immunosuppressive state, the risk of disability rendered the client legally disabled under the policy. In another case, a client suffered from cervical radiculopathy and could no longer move patients as required. When the insurer terminated benefits contending the client could perform other forms of sedentary nursing, we demonstrated the lack of availability of those jobs and their low supply creates requirements for qualification not accurately reflected in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles. As a result, we were able to keep the client’s long-term disability benefits paid.

Nurses study and pass exams to receive their licenses so they can fulfill their dreams of caring for others. The job is an intensive one, and nurses must be on their toes and prepared for almost anything. They need to keep careful track of the condition of many patients at once, physically lift and move patients, and make quick decisions in situations that might be life-threatening to patients. If you are a nurse and you have a disabling condition, it can impact your ability to do your job. Working with serious impairments can put yourself and others at risk of harm, so many disabilities can prevent you from reporting to your job for a long period of time – or even permanently.

If you cannot work, your immediate concern is likely how you are going to pay your bills and cover your expenses. Filing a disability insurance claim is a common solution to this situation, as you can seek benefits to support you while you are out of work. Unfortunately, disability insurers are anything but forthcoming with benefit approvals, and many people struggle to have a successful claim. You need the help of a Chicago disability claims lawyer as soon as possible.


If you’re struggling to get the benefits you need to get by, then we’ll fight to obtain the benefits you deserve. Contact us today to learn more!

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Nurses typically have medium physical exertion level occupations. This means they must stand and walk to a significant degree, and must have capacity to lift can carry certain amounts of weight. The range of illnesses or injuries that can disable Nurses is greater than for most other occupations. Back and spinal disorders commonly affect clinical Nurses because it impacts their ability to be on their feet and to lift and carry as required. Nurses often claim disability due to radiculopathies. If you cannot work as a nurse anymore due to any type of disability, do not wait to discuss your claim with the legal team of Bartolic Law. Please contact‌ ‌us‌ today for more information.

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