Success With Disability Claims for Optometrists




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Optometrists stand on the front lines of all things concerning our sight. They seek to treat, diagnose, and prevent injuries and illnesses of the eyes.
It is a very hands-on and detail-oriented job, and one which unfortunately may be impeded by injury and illness.
If you’re an optometrist who suffered a disabling condition that prevents you from working, the first thing you should do is attempt to claim disability insurance benefits.

Success With Disability Claims For Optometrists

Optometry is a very high income-generating profession ($118,050 median salary, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics), which makes it all the more important to safeguard and secure that income. That is where the necessity for disability insurance benefits comes in. Whether you’re getting it through your employer or out of work, in the short-term or long-term, or as a group plan or solo plan, it’s important to remain insured in some capacity.

As you spend the majority of your time off the clock, odds are higher that a disabling illness or injury would occur out of work than in an optometry office. “Accident only” or basic workers’ compensation plans usually only cover illnesses and injuries on the job. Ironically, there’s a not so statistically insignificant chance that optometrists could end up being impeded by the very disorders they treat. The CDC has ranked vision problems among the top 10 disabilities that adults aged 18 and older suffer, and they project the rates of these problems to nearly double by 2050.

Furthermore, “all occupation” plans might sound broad, but they would only cover illnesses and injuries that prevented you from working in ANY profession. For the best results, look for “own occupation” plans that are as clear and transparent as possible. To claim disability benefits, follow these simple steps. First, file a claim through any available contact resources. Submit a claim packet with detailed statements from you, your physician, and your employer.

Next, wait out the elimination, or pre-benefit, period and sort out any other forms or medical documentation you need to have your claim approved. Finally, enjoy your income protection. Ideally, that is the straightforward, extremely abridged summary of how your claims process will go. But, as you probably did after your disabling incident, we recognize that things aren’t always so simple or straightforward. If you don’t feel that your insurance provider is treating you fairly, talk to an experienced disability insurance attorney.


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