Success With Disability Claims for Podiatrists




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Podiatrists are medical professionals who specialize in the care of feet and other lower limb issues. They are doctors of podiatric medicine (DPM) instead of medical doctors (MD).
Podiatrists buy disability insurance to protect their income if they become disabled. This can protect their financial well-being if they become disabled and unable to perform their duties.
If you have become disabled and are in the process of filing or appealing a disability claim with your insurance company in the Chicago area, you may need the help of an experienced disability attorney.

Success With Disability Claims for Podiatrists

Podiatrists specialize in the care of feet and lower limbs. Their education is highly specialized, as after college, they attend a podiatry school rather than medical school. They are required to do a 3-year residency after podiatry school. It is a surprisingly physical profession. Podiatrists see multiple patients daily. They conduct examinations, order tests, and perform surgeries. They treat fractures, sprains, hammertoes, bunions, arthritis, and other conditions affecting the feet, ankles, and such. Podiatrists spend a great deal of their day standing, walking, and crouching down to examine and work with a patient’s feet. They often work at a patient’s feet, craning their head up to talk to the patient from that position. Surgery requires a great deal of standing, lifting of limbs, and craning of the neck. In particular, podiatrists are often susceptible to musculoskeletal injuries and disorders due to their work. This often involves injuries to the low back, wrists, neck, and hands, especially the thumb, which is used extensively in examinations and treatment.

Carpal tunnel is also a hazard for podiatrists. Repetitive motions in the examination and treatment of patients can cause carpal tunnel, a debilitating and painful condition. Years of repetitive motions and leaning over patients can take a physical toll on a podiatrist.

In addition, serious medical conditions can result from exposure to nail dust and fungus. Podiatrists work with thickened toenails on a regular basis. Fungal, yeast, and bacterial organisms such as Candida, Aspergillus, Fusarium, and Staphylococcus can be inhaled and may cause a wide range of health problems, including fatigue, joint problems, sinus problems, neurocognitive dysfunction, and other respiratory problems.

Other conditions that may prevent a podiatrist from being able to work can include fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, vision or hearing loss, cardiovascular conditions, and dementia in later years. This list is not exclusive but meant to be illustrative.


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Consult with a Chicago Disability Attorney

If you are thinking that a disability claim may be in your future, it would be helpful to review the language of your policy with a trusted and experienced disability insurance attorney in the Chicago area. Once you determine that you are eligible for benefits under the terms of your policy, it is important to work with an attorney during the claims process. You and your attorney will work to make sure that your claims file is clear and supportive of your disability claim and can provide necessary documentation if more is requested and is needed.

Your financial future is important, which is why we handle disability claims by and for Chicago professionals. Bartolic Law can help. We offer you a free case assessment, and you can book a consultation online. You have provided help to so many. Now is the time to reach out for the help you need.

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