Success With Disability Claims for Psychiatrists




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Psychiatrists bridge the gap between mental health and the medical sciences. Psychiatrists are licensed medical doctors who have specialized in the mental and emotional health of their patients.
The job can be stressful. When a psychiatrist brings a disability claim, it is often due to the stress inherent in the job
Unfortunately, many insurance adjusters fail to understand the toll that stress can take. A psychiatrist should work with an experienced disability attorney during the claims process.

Success With Disability Claims for Psychiatrists

Typically, psychiatrists see clients in an office setting and provide what is commonly referred to as “talk therapy.” They prescribe medications aimed at helping their clients move toward good mental and emotional health. While some psychiatrists specialize in particular disorders, many psychiatrists see clients with varying disorders. Providing a safe space to discuss the client’s needs and issues may include providing the client with empathy as the client delves into emotionally painful areas of their life. A psychiatrist often works alone with the client. This isolation can add significant stress over time. And all too often, a psychiatrist will be overworked. Seeing too many clients regularly does not allow time to rest and recuperate, leading to stress, distress, and impairment. In addition to sitting with clients, a psychiatrist keeps notes on the client’s condition, prescribes medications, and consults with peers. Much of the work done by a psychiatrist is done sitting down for long periods daily. Most often, the primary medical conditions arise from stress and prolonged time of sitting.

These conditions can include cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, heart attacks, depression and anxiety, and chronic back and neck pain. In addition, any debilitating disease such as dementia, stroke, or severe arthritis in later years may prohibit a psychiatrist from engaging in their regular duties with clients. Disability insurance can protect a psychiatrist’s income and provide financial well-being and peace of mind should they become disabled. All too often, a medical professional who has taken care of others for years is precluded from collecting disability insurance benefits because an insurance adjuster determines that they can work in a different position or that their stress is not debilitating.

The purpose of the “own occupation” insurance is to protect both the income and the specialty of the purchasing physicians. A psychiatrist is disabled if they are unable to work in their own profession. Other times, an adjuster will deny benefits after scrutinizing a claimant’s job description.

Job descriptions are rarely designed to reflect all the physical acts that are engaged in the profession daily. An unscrupulous adjuster will often blanket a claimant with requests for additional documentation with the express purpose of delaying and then denying the claim.


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