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Short term disability claim? Let an experienced attorney guide you through the process.

You are responsible. You prepare for any contingency. You have your short term disability policy and your long term disability policy. You expect to receive benefits from the policies if you should need it.

Guess what. The insurance company drew up the contract and they have every incentive to have your short term disability claim denied. They also have enough bureaucrats and lawyers to frustrate you throughout the process and make you simply give up.

Anytime you have to file a short term disability policy claim, seriously consider consulting an experienced short term disability lawyer right away. Here is why:

Maybe your initial short term disability claim was approved. Great. But what if your disability is more serious and you will need to receive long term disability coverage as well? The insurance company could terminate your short term disability policy before the maximum term is reached (typically 180 days). This would most likely instantly disqualify you from long term disability payments.

More likely, the short term disability claim is simply denied. For most medical conditions, the insurer usually claims that your condition does not prevent you from doing your job, or that you can continue working in very similar capacity at your work. They could also insist that your condition was pre-existing, or they may hire their own “independent” examiner to present contradicting evidence.

The cards are stacked against you, the individual, unless you consult with a short term disability lawyer immediately. You will need to know how to file a successful appeal, or how to file a law suit if the appeal has not been successful.

If you have been denied short term disability or long term disability benefits, or if your benefits have been discontinued, consulting with disability insurance attorney is your best option.  If you consult with an attorney early in the process, there may not even be need for a lawsuit, the attorney will simply guide you through this legally complicated process.

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