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Michael Bartolic, the leading short term disability lawyer in Chicago.

Chicago, October 30 — Bartolic Law (https://www.chicagodisabilitylawyers.com/) has one of the leading practices in Chicago.

“Insurance companies often see short term disability as just the first step toward long term disability and they may deny your short term claim in an effort to stop future long term claims,” said short term disability attorney, Michael Bartolic. “You need to understand that many employers self-fund their short-term disability funds while their long term disability plans are covered by an insurer,” Bartolic explained.

What this means is that you might receive your short-term disability claim when it is employer paid only to have it denied when it switches to long term disability and the insurer has to pay. That’s why you need a short term disability lawyer on your side who will fight for you.

A short term disability attorney can also negotiate complicated ERISA rules and whether the short term disability plan you are under is even covered by ERISA. “Under ERISA, there are complex regulations regarding the claims and appeal process, short term disability lawyer” Bartolic explained. “It takes a highly experienced lawyer to go through the process and reach a successful result.“

If you’re looking for a short term disability lawyer, visit: https://www.chicagodisabilitylawyers.com/.

About Bartolic Law

Michael Bartolic founded his firm in 2009, after he left a large, multinational law firm that practices ERISA litigation. Named a Super Lawyers Rising Star in 2012 and 2013, he was named a Super Lawyer for 2014. He graduated with a B.S. in accounting from the University of Illinois Urbana—Chicago and graduated magna cum laude from the John Marshall Law School, For more information visit: https://www.chicagodisabilitylawyers.com/).

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