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The Long-Term Disability Claims Process

Long-term disability policies are usually covered by ERISA, or the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. Long-term disability offers financial support for individuals who cannot work for a certain period of time, but receiving benefits is often difficult due to the complexity of the claims process. 

Before you apply for long-term disability, review your case with a knowledgeable attorney. Bartolic Law provides the answers you need to seek your entitled compensation. Below, we discuss a few of the steps involved in the claims process. For advice specific to your case, call our firm for a consultation. 

Review Your Policy’s Terms

The majority of LTD policies are intended to provide a certain percentage of your income if you cannot work due to a disability. However, there are several limitations on mental health disabilities and pre-existing conditions to be aware of, and these differ by LTD plan. Your first step should be to get very familiar with your policy’s terms and conditions, as this can increase the chances of securing your benefits. Human resources can assist you if your LTD plan is provided by an employer, and you may contact your insurer for any additional information you do not have. Make note of important deadlines, since missing these dates is a common reason a claim is denied. 

Complete Your Application and Gather Medical Evidence

Medical evidence is a necessity for a successful LTD claim. Include as much information as possible about your condition in your application. Let your doctor know that you are applying for benefits and have them provide a note explaining how your disability affects your work-related duties. A written letter from your physician is frequently more effective than the insurance company’s forms alone. 

Request medical records, which may include lab work, exam results and other clinical notes. Ensure that you’ve completed all necessary tests or procedures that your physician believes would be beneficial for your condition, since having a history of inadequate treatment can count against your claim. 

As you finish the initial application, also write down your job description and compare it to the description provided by your employer. It’s common for employees to be responsible for more duties than they were initially assigned, especially for those who work for smaller companies. 

Communicate With the Terms Adjuster

After submitting your application, a claims adjuster will contact you to obtain additional documentation or information. Be aware that more and more insurers are using video surveillance and unannounced home visits to try and dismantle the applicant’s claims about their disability. If you are observed performing tasks that contradict the information contained in your application, such as lifting heavy objects, your claim may be denied. 

Consult an Attorney

The process for receiving long-term disability benefits can be confusing, so you need an experienced attorney at your side along the way. Bartolic Law is committed to helping our clients get the benefits that they deserve. Discuss your case with a knowledgeable long-term disability lawyer at our firm today.

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