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The Most Common Reasons for Long Term Disability Claim Denial

Having a long-term disability claim get denied can come as a shock, as you expect these benefits to be there when you need them. It is important to know that you are not alone in this situation. Unfortunately, denied benefits claims occur regularly. Our Chicago long-term disability lawyers explain the most common reasons. 

Five Common Reasons For Denied Long-Term Disability Claims

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, roughly 20% of all adults struggle with long-term disabilities. This represents close to 60 million people. When these prevent you from working for a year or longer, you may be entitled to long-term disability (LTD) benefits. 

These may be available through your job or through a privately purchased policy and can compensate you for up to two-thirds of your lost income. However, it is common for insurers to deny claims. The following are five of the most common reasons: 

  1. Disputes over the definition of a long-term disability.

Thoroughly read the terms of your policy. Request copies of these documents through private insurers or your human resources representative, who is required to comply with your request under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. Check policy terms, qualifying conditions, and exclusions before filing your claim. 

  1. Not providing enough documentation.

It is not enough to have a qualifying condition. It needs to be thoroughly documented by medical providers. You will need a statement from your doctor, confirming your disability status, in addition to medical records, test results, lists of medications, and other supporting documents. 

  1. Errors and mistakes in filling out or filing claims forms.

Due to the high number of denials, it is strongly recommended that you work with an experienced Chicago long-term disability lawyer when filing a claim. We can help you avoid mistakes in the application process that result in denied or delayed benefits. We can also review all insurance practices to prevent errors and ensure compliance with state and federal laws. 

  1. Problems with required medical examinations.

Many insurers will require you to have a medical examination by one of their providers before approving your long-term disability claim. Saying the wrong thing during this exam, missing it completely, or otherwise being unprepared can result in denied benefits. 

  1. Information obtained through insurers and their investigations.

Our Chicago long-term disability lawyers generally advise clients to keep a low profile when filing for benefits. To avoid payment, insurance companies often hire investigators to take pictures of you engaged in different activities. They also scour social media, looking for any evidence that can be used against you.

Get Our Chicago Long-Term Disability Lawyers on Your Side

At the Law Offices of Michael Bartolic, LLC, we are a nationally recognized disability law firm with extensive experience in dealing with insurers. We protect your rights in filing a claim and help you get the benefits you deserve. To request a consultation with our Chicago long-term disability lawyers, call or contact our office online today.  

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