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Toby’s Reasons to Have a Law Office Dog

Hello, everyone. This is Toby Bartolic!  You may know my human, Michael Bartolic, for all the ERISA cases he wins. Michael is my favorite human and best friend: sometimes, I go to work with him. He’s called an ERISA attorney and works hard every day to help people solve their problems. Whenever I see him in his law office, he’s always talking to someone or concentrating hard on something. I like to interrupt and get his attention – then he might take me for a quick walk.     

I love spending time in Michael’s office. It’s peaceful there, very quiet and has all kinds of new smells. Usually, I just curl up on a cushion and take a nap. But some days, I keep my eyes open and look at all the different people that come and go. He calls them his “clients.” I don’t always know why they’re here or who they are, but many of them seem unhappy when they first arrive. Luckily, Michael is really good at cheering them up.

Picture of a dog belonging to a dedicated Chicago ERISA lawyer

Whenever I see these unhappy clients, I try to make a difference in their day, just like my human does. He does a great job of helping them, but I do my best to help in my own way. Here’s what I do to help Michael out, and why every law office should have a dog like me!

  • Happiness. My human talks to many people every day. Seeing the clients worried makes me feel upset, so I try to cheer them up. People seem to like it whenever I come up to them and rest my head on their lap. Their sad faces quickly change into smiles, and they seem much better afterward! Sometimes, they’ll even scratch my ears or stroke my fur. That always makes me happy – so I make sure to wag my tail and let them know.
  • Stress relief. Law office dogs like me offer support. Michael does a lot to help the people who walk in. Whenever someone comes in looking upset, my owner spends an hour or two talking to them and showing them all sorts of papers. The clients he talks to often ask some questions, and Michael always seems to know the answers. He’s amazing! But I do a lot of work, too. All that petting and attention helps Michael’s clients relax. By the end of the day, I get to see so many people walk out looking calmer.
  • Comfort. Michael is already such a nice person, and people are right to trust him. My instincts don’t lie: I can tell that Michael cares about the people he’s helping. When I spend my days in the office, I see how Michael puts people at ease. I don’t understand what he tells them, but the clients always seem relieved after talking to him. Plus, when I’m there, I help the clients feel even more comfortable!  

As you can see, I’m super proud of all the work my human does.  Whenever I go to the dog park, I just gab to the other dogs about how good of a human I have.  And for all you humans, a dog is a great addition to any law office. If you need to talk with an ERISA attorney like Michael, call and plan a visit with us! Michael will talk to you about the complicated stuff while I just say hello.

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