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Success with Matrix Long-Term Disability Denial

Success with Matrix Long-Term Disability Denial

We helped a client suffering from scoliosis get a denied long-term disability claim paid by Matrix Absence Management. Matrix conducted a background check and surveillance of the client, using photos posted on social media to accuse the client of engaging in activities beyond the client’s reported limitations. We were able to pick apart Matrix’s analysis by digging into the investigators’ process, comparing it to the photos, providing a detailed explanation of any image, and combining the presentation with an objective and valid functional capacity evaluation demonstrating what the client could and could not do. Combining these elements made the client’s case more credible, and resulted in Matrix overturning the denial.

Success with Matrix Long-Term Disability Denial

Matrix denied our client’s long-term disability benefits.It sent our client to an Independent Medical Examination to evaluate the client’s sciatic nerve pain, impairing the client’s ability to stand and walk, or even sit for meaningful enough amounts of time to hold full-time employment. We attended with the client to document what occurred, keeping the process credible, and resulting in the IME doctor agreeing our client was disabled. The outcome: payment of benefits to the client.

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