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Success with Sedgwick Long-Term Disability Denial

Success with Sedgwick Long-Term Disability Denial

Sedgwick denied long-term disability benefits to a clinical pharmacist suffering from Fibromyalgia. As a clinical pharmacist, the client had to stand most of the day, and work extended shifts. Sedgwick both overstated the client’s physical capacity, and understated the demands of pharmacy work. We combined medical evidence of limitations with vocational evidence of the occupation demands. When Sedgwick requested an Independent Medical Examination, we attended with the client to document the duration, and prevent the IME doctor from making our client sit in the waiting room beyond the client’s documented capacity. We demanded the examination begin on time, or the examination would be forfeited. After we controlled all the factors, Sedgwick agreed our client was, and remains, disabled.

Success with Sedgwick Long-Term Disability Denial

Our client came to us after having a disability claim discontinued due to a 24-month mental illness limitation. A former executive who suffered a stroke, our client had lasting impairments from the stroke, and mental health diagnoses secondary to the loss of functionality. Sedgwick terminated benefits based on the mental health diagnoses. We persuaded Sedgwick the limitation does not apply and the client continues to receive monthly payments, as promised.

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